We are a generation of passionistas, of minds and hearts eager to make a difference, eager to make this world a better place. I hear John Mayer crooning that we’re ‘waiting on the world to change’, but I think we are doing more than waiting. We are pushing. We are screaming. We are writing and designing the lives we know are better, the systems we know can save us. We are not only imagining the planet as it could be – we are manifesting it, building it with our own hands. We have a vision, and we can express it to those who will listen – it is time to let the lost generation come forward. We will no longer be captive to stereotypes.

Tell us we don’t have enough experience. We hear it every day, at the hands of those who have taught us, those who have created the systems we live in. It seems that all the ‘experience’ of human history has only entrenched us deeper in our patterns of hatred, gluttony and apathy. Perhaps we don’t need ‘experience’, 10+ years of learning how things have been done up until now. Maybe, what we need, is a lack of experience. Maybe what we need is new ideas, concepts and passion that break free of old bonds. Bold innovations and imaginations that respectfully bid adieu to the handcuffs that have kept our hearts and minds bound.

We understand the great leaps that have been made by man kind – the screams of progress, the churning of the industrialization, the benefits of development and sanitation, yes. We desperately understand the suffering of others. No, we may not know what it is like to lose an entire family to AIDS or civil war, and yes, we have porcelain toilets and an abundance of food to eat. We are the lucky ones, but we do not take it for granted – we feel the earths pain, and our chests clench at the sight of our brothers and sisters in agony. Some days I watch the television in a grey foam of suffering, or tear the pages of the newspaper because I cannot stand what it is telling me. How, after all this time, can there still be so much suffering? And how can I, one person, change all of this? The helplessness is at times overwhelming. I can’t. But as a generation, as a concept, as a member of a resilient network, I can create change. Not just the change you hear in political speeches. Real change. Because I have waited long enough and I watch others squander the opportunity to rise up. We, the ‘lost generation’, the passionistas, want nothing more than to make our global home a healthier, more welcoming place. And isn’t that our right?

The earth is changing now, and us with it. I call out to you, world, to give us a chance. If you don’t, we will go it alone, but this is opportunity. This is a point in history, a crossing, where we can all come together, learn from one another and build foundations for the future we all envision. I shiver when I see what has been done to our planet and our people – so much has been squandered, so many hearts shattered and lives taken in the name of land, money, religion. Are any of those really valid reasons to take away life from person or planet? What went wrong here? I do not want anger to ruin us. Let friendship and acceptance shine among us instead, and let us ‘unexperienced’ folks, us idealists, share the beauty we see through the suffering.