No more band-aids.

Prompt: Healing. What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011?

Beautiful British Columbia healed me. Breathe in. Damp air. Breathe out and watch the forest grow. Embrace the mountain peaks with softened eyes, feel mossy soil squish between your toes. Let the ocean lap at your ankles. Feel the mist surround you on the Island coast. This is home, this is the earth welcoming you back. Giving you strength to renew your energy, building again from the inside out.

Tantalus Range

Any worries or anxieties I have, any emotional pain that pervades, is soothed again when I’m surrounded by a grove of trees, or standing at the top of a local mountain. Though I can’t say there was any one magnificent moment of being ‘fixed’, that I am magically ‘healed’, I continue to absorb this energy, feel it rejuvenate me, and come to terms with everything that my home represents, the history and the future.

In travels, I gained a deeper understanding of myself, but it’s at home, standing in the shadow of giants, that I feel my heart beat stronger. It is among the friends who have known me since diapers, since braces, since ill fitting tank tops, that I can come back to myself and feel at ease.

In 2011, I make it my aim to seek healing for the mind. By letting go of anger and frustration and accepting the gloooorious present, expressing this momentum through words and brushstrokes.

Do you feel you have a wound that needs healing? How can you set about healing yourself?