A Reverberation…What’s Blossoming?

What’s Blossoming?

Life blossoms just when you want to stay curled up in your little cocoon of earth.

When you think that everything you wanted has been torn away from you. That you just aren’t good enough, aren’t trying hard enough, aren’t doing what life needs you to do, remember….

That life is blossoming anyways.

Some blossoms unfold overnight, but others…

Take their time. A slow bloom. And sometimes they are rained down upon, sodden in the soil. But when the sun comes out again, they reach up to catch the rays. And continue their slow growth, moving forwards at their own pace.

Not someone else’s pace. Only the one they developed over centuries, the one nature intended for them.

Take your time. Bloom the way your heart tells you to. It might not be what you expected, but know that your bloom is exactly what it needs to be. And sometimes your beautiful vision of pink petals might be shattered, trod upon by some unknowing boot. That doesn’t mean your growth is over, only that those petals will, in time, come back more radiant than ever.

Maybe you are a lone daffodil in the middle of the field, holding your ground. Or maybe you are a small pink cherry blossom, surrounded by others with your vision, embracing your community. The world would be less beautiful if not for the variety of flowers that can grow in diverse and sometimes difficult conditions.

A new energy is blossoming, one that will allow us all to follow our own truths. An energy that will take us through our trials.

So don’t hide yourself under that pile of dirt that you think will keep you warm and safe. Push upwards.

Take a moment, to stop and smell the blossoms.


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